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Review: Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

Complexity is a hallmark of the great literature classics. This is not to say that they are difficult to access or out of date. I don’t mean that they are not accessible or out of date. They have become so cherished and mythologized that it is difficult to approach them. The idea that they are books has been spread throughout society. If you don’t like reading, you won’t understand them. You will finish them and/or you won’t like them. It is also not helpful that we often approach them out of obligation at school or under the stress of an exam. It is sufficient to make the effort to read the book without any restrictions to discover that this is not true. Some are easier to access than others, and you may like some more than others.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley was the book that I decided to read recently. It wasn’t that I was afraid of Frankenstein, nor of his understanding or of the monster. But it was one of those books you keep adding to your list and never get around to reading. As we all know, the novel is about a young scientist creating a terrifying creature and then abandoning him to his fate.

Although we all know the story, many have adapted it infinitely. However, few people know that Frankenstein was actually the scientist who created the monster. This monster is commonly known throughout history as a monster, creature, spawn or creation. Few people know that Mary Shelley was just 18 when she wrote the story. This was due to a challenge she took on with Percy Bysshe Shelley, her stepsister Claire, and a few friends, Lord Byron, and John William Polidori, his personal physician. The incident occurred while Lord Byron was on vacation at Villa Diodati in Switzerland, a mansion that was home to him.

Young Mary was inspired by the topic and discussions throughout the evening and had a nightmare. This led to the inspiration to write one the most famous horror and/or science fiction novels ever written. It took place while Lord Byron was on vacation at Villa Diodati in Switzerland, where he had a terrible stormy night caused by a volcanic eruption in the South Seas. This led to the coldest winter since the second millennium. The host launched the challenge and asked for anyone who could write a horror story in the time allotted.

This work has been published in hundreds of editions, but few people have the original story. Austral’s unique collection edition publishes the novel in the same form as it was written. It is divided into two volumes with the original chapter distribution. The book opens with letters written by a sailor to his sister. He recounts his experiences at sea. We are initially unsure of the identity and purpose of this person, but soon we understand. We are soon introduced to the story of Doctor Frankenstein.

He tells us how he grew-up, his misfortunes, and the reasons he left Geneva to study. We are now able to see the knowledge he is developing that will allow him to breathe life into dead bodies. This section of the story focuses on the insulas God of the doctor who convinced him that he was capable and entitled to perform such work. Later, the horror of his awakening from madness and realizing what he did and the guilt this brought about. The doctor’s narration is followed by another part where the protagonist tells us in the first person how he wakes in the doctor’s laboratory.

He describes how he feels abandoned in a strange world and how it terrorizes everyone who comes across him. This is my favorite part of the entire book. You can feel the loneliness and despair of this deformed man, who struggles to find his place in the world. He also learns how the society rejects him for his terrible physique.

When I looked around, there wasn’t anyone like me. Is he now a monster, an error on Earth, a being all men flee from and all men reject? […] This knowledge only added to the depth of my sorrow. Oh …! It would have been so nice to stay forever in my forest, feeling nothing but hunger, thirst, and heat .

Knowledge is a wonderful thing! Knowledge sticks to the mind like rock to lichen once it is acquired. Sometimes, I just wanted to let go of all thoughts and feelings.

It’s amazing how a young author can accurately and realistically describe such deep and intense feelings such as anger, guilt, loneliness and curiosity. These are the most basic emotions that a human being can experience throughout his lifetime. Here they are described in detail and with great sensitivity. The book is simple to read, despite all the prejudices surrounding ancient works. With genuine interest in the characters’ endings and how they are described, you can read on without stopping.

It’s a good thing I finally read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Because you have to return to the classics. They are the seed of all the books we read today. It is almost impossible to find anything that hasn’t been written and rewritten decades ago. They are cult and imperishable because of this reason. You should all go to libraries public and private, dust off those books that have sat there for years, awaiting you to open them. You won’t regret it.


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