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Review: Winter By Ali Smith
- "And that is what I know." - If we don't take action, it will be too late. - The ice - It will last for a thousand years. - What do you think? - We will be found by someone. These short, but powerful phrases are from a song someone, much like me, listened to years ago. A song that speaks more than it does sing. Or, something that could be similar to winter. The winter that must always be fought, against both the one in front and against yourself at all times. You know what I mean by ...
Review: Autumn By Ali Smith
It's not always the best, but it doesn't seem to be the worst. While it may be the age science and wisdom, it is also the age madness. It is not clear to me if it is a period of great beliefs. It is a time of doubt. It is possible that this is an era that is full of light, but it is certain that there is more darkness. Is there a spring of hope or a winter full of despair? What do you think? This novel is full of humor, avant-garde, poetry, humor, and Charles Dickens. You can ...
Review : Suttree By Corman McCarthy
Corman McCarthy is like an evil hurricane storm in the middle of one of those North American moors that we see in the movies; The ones that make cows fly, you know. Because, if we are careless, McCarthy takes it all without regard. Including our conscience. Our ethics or our morals or what you have under your skin that makes you different from the rat. McCarthy is pure bewilderment and, in the end, with him it is very clear that good and evil are much closer than we think, that survival is the only thing that really matters or that ...
Review: The Secret Garden By Frances Hodgson Burnett
The secret garden, a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett in 1911, is a well-known classic in youth literature. The film adaptation was made cinematographically in 1993. This summer, it will be back on the big screen. It is available in a variety of editions at the bookstores' shop windows. I chose to purchase the complete edition Alfaguara Clasicos, beautifully illustrated by Elisabeth Moreno, despite so many options. I hadn't seen the entire 1990s film until now. I also had just read a chapter in Goodnight Stories for Stressed Adults, which has amazing editing. The history. The Secret Garden has the ...
Review: Frankenstein By Mary Shelley
Complexity is a hallmark of the great literature classics. This is not to say that they are difficult to access or out of date. I don't mean that they are not accessible or out of date. They have become so cherished and mythologized that it is difficult to approach them. The idea that they are books has been spread throughout society. If you don't like reading, you won't understand them. You will finish them and/or you won't like them. It is also not helpful that we often approach them out of obligation at school or under the stress of an ...
Review: Shadow Show - Stories In Celebration of Ray Bradbury - By Joe Hill
Ray Bradbury would like me, I'm sure. Because he is the author Fahrenheit 451 which is one of my favourite books. I would love to have chatted with him to hear his reflections. Ray Bradbury's stories were what impressed me most when I read Film Writers by Jose Maria Areste. It was about the lives and times of many writers who worked in Hollywood. He was an honest man with a special sensibility. Ray Bradbury is not my only sympathizer. It is something I feel with all readers who have ever read his works, and those who have been strongly ...
Review: Now And Forever By Ray Bradbury
Ray Bradbury is one writer that I feel a special connection to. I've already read Fahrenheit 451 and Martian Chronicles, and I was honored to be able to pay him a tribute. This month, it was Now and Forever, a book I hadn't heard of. They are now and always two short novels, which he published in one volume at the end of his life. Each is accompanied by an introduction from the author that explains how these stories came to be. One, "Somewhere, a band plays links his memories of Tucson, where he was six and twelve years. This ...
Review: The Illustrated Man By Ray Bradbury
Ray Bradbury is the author that I have talked about most when talking to friends about books I have read. Now and Forever were two of my favorite short novels. Shadow Show is a tribute to the contributions that many famous writers made to him through stories based on their stories. Martian Chronicles is one of his most highly praised books. Today, it's the turn of "The Illustrated Man", another one of his classics. The Illustrated Man, like the Martian Chronicles, is a collection that shares a common thread. It is about a man with all of his skin tattooed ...
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