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math help & problem solving

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Response Essay Writing Tue, 16 Apr 2013 06:27:39 +0000 Continue Reading]]> How to write a response essay

response essayA response essay represents a perfect opportunity to share your personal point of view in relation to a book, article or academic paper in question. A well-written response essay makes a connection between the topic you need to write about and your personal experience. The text itself has no meaning as the meaning is given to it by the reader. A response essay is purposed to be a transformative experience. Your task is to transform the new experience into certain context that has some meaning for you. A response essay is a kind of an academic paper that is not intended to be just a book review. The reader of your article is familiar with the book you are writing about and is interested in your thoughts about those concepts, values and beliefs that penetrate the book. A response essay is rather a conversation with the book’s author than just a review of it. It is a clear personal statement of the author’s writing.
Keep in mind that every writer tries to communicate certain beliefs and values through their writings. Your task is to explain what you think these beliefs and values are. It means that you should not only read a piece of literary work, but also analyze its content. The next step would be sharing your thoughts on certain values expressed in the book. Try to understand the author’s position and reflect on it. After that, your task will be to describe the connection between the book’s perspective and your own viewpoint. In what way are they similar? How has the author’s perspective changed your personal point of view? How has the book affected your own experience? What is your personal position in regard to the author’s perspective?
A response essay is written in first person, which means that you should use such phrases as “I believe” and “I think” when reviewing a piece of writing. A response essay is purposed to assess the author’s perspective, but you should also include your own reaction and impressions into your essay. There are several steps that you should take to complete a response essay. Firstly, you need to read the piece of writing to get an initial understanding of its content. Then, you should reread the text, pausing to reflect. Write down your thoughts and impressions so as not to forget the main ideas. After that, you need to write a thesis statement and an outline of the future essay. Finally, you are to construct the body part of the essay and a conclusion.
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200 best essay topics Thu, 14 Mar 2013 15:42:46 +0000 Continue Reading]]> College or University essay writing is probably the best way to improve you overall thinking ability and to improve you writing skills. College tutors highly recommend a daily practicing in essay writing.These times college students are asked to write essays on national and international topics, that is why it is a brilliant idea to prepare for any of them. Recent studies show that enrollee with strong writing skills are more successful at college entrance examinations. You should enhance your essay writing skills now.

You can find the most popular essay topics among college and university students.


List of best Essay Topics

The best Policy is honesty essay
Literature in education process essay
Physical culture essay
Industrial growth and agriculture essay
Social, civil and moral duty essay
Vocational education essay
A rolling stone gathers no moss essay
Science in everyday life essay
Tolerance essay
The sorrows and joys of life essay
Common sense essay
Keep your cool or temper under control essay
Secrets of success essay
Nationalism essay
Tragedy essay
Freedom of the press essay
Accountant career essay
The short story essay
Essay on exciting football match
Science in education essay
The educative role of traveling essay
Hwo is your favorite president essay
Hobbies essay
The role of broadcasting in education essay
Communism essay
Who is your favorite poet essay
Athletics use and abuse essay
Bus-trip during office hours essay
Teaching as a carrer essay
An evening in a theatre essay
Your college room essay
The value of discipline essay
A bad workman quarrels with his tools essay
National integration essay
Middle class unemployment essay
Agriculture and its problems essay
The spirit of adventure essay
What did you get from your college
Your life thrilling experience essay
College debates essay
Obedience essay
Multi Party System essay
Citizen rights and duties essay
Essay on general election
Professional sport essay
A prize-giving ceremony
All that glitters is not gold
If you were a dictator essay
Your ideal of a truly great man
The night before an examination
Planning for national reconstruction
Who is your favorite hero essay
Specialization in education
Study of the humanities
Your favorite scientist
The novel you like most
The art of conversation
Compulsory games in schools and colleges
Life is earnest, life is real
Friendship essay
Electricity: it’s importance in the modern age
Science and agriculture
Technical education
Patriotism: love of the country
Literature and society
Act, act in the living present
An air-flight
The art of biography
Industrialism problem essay
Community development
The cinema: its uses and abuses
Our intended profession
Man is the architect of his own fate.
Conference makes a ready man
City life
“Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime”
Careers open to a young man
College student union
The library and its uses
Necessity is the mother op invention
The value of discipline in academic life
The happiest day in my life
The season you like most
The green revolution
Streets of your city
A college theatrical
The art of printing
The problem of over-population
Strikes and lock-outs
Charity begins at home
Higher education as a preparation for life
Merits and demerits of the present system of examination
The concept op peaceful co-existence
Sweet are the uses of adversity.
A man is known by the company he keeps
The effects of war on civilization
Is Coeducation Desirable?
The shape of things to come: the 21st century
Art and morality
A midnight adventure
The dignity of labor
Newspapers: their value influence
The study of history
The medium of instruction
The peaceful use of atomic power
The choice of professions
Floods and flood-control
A students’ excursion
Science and modern warfare
The evils of poverty
My first interview for a job
The census
Literature and life
On careers and professions
An ideal college
The art of the biographer
Art for arts sake
How to judge literature
If i were a millionaire
The science of engineering
Labor welfare
Primary education
The necessity for change
Science and human life
It my first day at college
How do you propose to spend the long vacation
Education: its means and ends.
All things, both great and small
Should military Education be made compulsory
Social service
Failures are the pillars of success
The function of a university
The educational value of sports
A city market
A visit to a restaurant
advantages of a university career
Che choice of books
Reading as means of education
The reading of novels
A railway station
The united nations organisation
Your favorite subject of study
The tyranny of customs
A boat-trip in moonlight
Life in college hostel
Oratory or elocution
Socialism essay
Reading for pleasure
Culture and society: does culture matter?
English – the world language
The one-act play
Types of comedy
A secular state: what it means?
co-operative farming
A village fair
Parliamentary democracy
Democracy in our country
Nuclear proliferation treaty
College sports
National defense
Your last day at the college
A scene in the examination hall
A great teacher
School life and college life
The problem of food
Science in the modern world
The reading of newspapers
My ambition of life
A visit to a cinema
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown
We live in deeds, not in years
Scientific education versus literary education
How to judge a good novel
The problem of national integration
Advertising essay
The evils of industrialism
The importance of music
The problem of illiteracy in our country
Habit is second nature
Peace hath her victories no less renowned than war
Poetry essay
Scene in a public park
The college union
Life in the village
Stamp-collecting as a hobby
A rainy day in a city
Romanticism and romantic poetry essay
US Party system essay
Essay on the college library
Science and religion essay
The college magazine essay
Commerce as a carrer essay

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Essay writing Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:31:13 +0000 Continue Reading]]> An essay can have numerous purposes, but any type of essay basically has the same structure and is written in a similar way. Disregarding the purpose of your essay, it will basically have the same format. If you follow a few instructions, you will find it easy to write a perfect essay for your course. The first instruction to follow is to decide on the topic of your essay. The topic might already be assigned. In this case, you will have no choice as to what you should write about. Just move to the next step of the essay writing. You need to think about the kind of essay you are expected to carry out. Carefully read the instructions and you will see if it should be a general overview or particular analysis of certain topic. If you are to make an analysis, make sure your topic is specific. If the topic of your essay is too general, you will need to choose some narrower subject to discuss.

If the topic has not been assigned to you, you are free to write about whatever you wish. You may choose a subject of your interest which will surely make your essay stronger. The first thing you have to do is to think over the aim of your essay. No matter what topic you choose, it must fit the purpose of your writing. After you define the purpose of your essay, jot down a few subjects that interest you. Brainstorming always helps in generating ideas that will be useful for the completion of this task. Just jot down anything that comes to mind. After that, you have to assess each potential subject you have chosen. If you have several subjects that might serve as topics for your essay, consider each one of them individually. If your essay needs to be persuasive, you need to be passionate about the subject you choose. The most important factor is the number of thoughts and ideas you have about some particular topic.

The next step of your essay writing will be preparing an outline of your thoughts and ideas. The purpose of the outline is to put your ideas in order and make your thoughts organized. Now you have to write a thesis statement that will explain the readers what the essay is going to be about. After you formulate a thesis statement, you are to write the body part and conclusion. Don’t forget to proofread your writing after you are done.

Our essay writing service provides help in writing essays on various topics. You are welcome to order any type of essay on our website.

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Composition writing Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:30:16 +0000 Continue Reading]]> The word “composition” can have different meanings in different circumstances. It may be personal narrative, an essay or a short work of prose. Every type of composition has its own rules. You may be asked to write a composition in absolutely any subject, but unless you know how to write it, you will find it hard to successfully complete this assignment. First of all, you should know the purpose of your writing. You have to clearly understand what type of composition it is going to be. As a rule, teachers provide students with explanatory lectures on what they are supposed to write. Your task is to read the explanation carefully. If you have any questions, ask your instructor for help. You should then choose a topic for your composition. You need to decide what you would like to write about. As mentioned above, there are different types of compositions. And each type has its own peculiarities.

If you are asked to write a composition in the form of an essay, you should choose a topic that represents something important to you as it is easier to write about things you believe in. Essays are usually written in first person as if you are talking to second person. As for personal narrative, it is a story about you. In order to write personal narrative, you are to choose something that impressed you in a positive or negative way. It might be a funny experience or a frightening situation that you faced. Personal narratives are written in first person. If we are talking about a short story of prose, it should be mentioned that it is a creative kind of composition. It should be written in third person or first person as if you are the main character. The story can be based on what you personally have experienced, but your options are not restricted. You may write about anything that exists in our world.

Every composition needs an introduction. In this part, you need to introduce your topic and position. You should then form the body of your composition. A starting point would be brainstorming, when you need to generate ideas as to what you will write in your work. Write down a few details that will support your viewpoint. These may be statistics, quotes or examples. The body of your paper should consist of three paragraphs that should be well-organized and well-structured. Your composition should also have a conclusion that will sum up the main points of what you have said.

Our website provides service in writing different types of compositions. We guarantee that you get a premium-quality composition on any topic you choose.

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Coursework writing Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:29:11 +0000 Continue Reading]]> Coursework may be simply defined as an academic paper that you complete during the course. Any coursework that you complete in any subject is supposed to help evaluate your competence in this or that subject and contribute to the final mark for the course. There are cases when you need to complete coursework so as to gain your qualification or get a degree. However, coursework usually forms a percentage of the final mark you get at the end of the course. Whichever coursework you have to carry out, you will need to pay close attention to the completion of this assignment. There are certain tips that you are advised to follow in order to get an excellent mark for your coursework.

The first thing you have to do is to examine carefully the topic of the assignment. Many students fail to complete the coursework because they do not read the assignment topic properly. You should thoroughly read the question for your coursework before you start writing it. You have to clearly understand what you are required to do. This is the basis of the successful completion of your coursework. If you have to answer certain question in your assignment, you should look for key words that might be helpful as they give you directions as to the type of work you are required to carry out. You may be asked to compare, contrast or analyze something. If you are asked to compare something, you are expected to show equal knowledge of each topic you need to compare. If you are asked to contrast, you have to put more emphasis on either differences or similarities in your coursework. If you need to analyze something, it means that you have to examine something critically and give evidence from your reading on this or that subject.

There are a number of points that you should take into account in order to write a good coursework. After you read the instructions carefully, you will have to collect data for your coursework and make sure you know how to reference your sources in the appropriate style. Your coursework should be carefully and properly structured disregarding the type of the assignment. One of the aspects of writing a good coursework is choosing the right topic. If you are not asked any specific question, you are to choose a topic that you are interested in. After you complete your coursework, don’t forget to proof-read what you have written. You have to check that there are no mistakes in grammar, punctuation or spelling.

Our professional writers will help you complete a good coursework on any subject you need.

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Thesis writing Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:28:23 +0000 Continue Reading]]> A thesis is purposed to define a problem and express your own position regarding certain aspect of an issue. You should present some evidence in the form of comparative or statistical data and a detailed analysis in support of your position. Although the aim of the thesis is clear and comprehensive, many students make mistakes in their attempt to accomplish it. The most serious error of the students is retelling the data that already exists regarding the investigated subject. Thesis writing should help you make your own conclusions on this or that matter. The average length of a thesis is around 40 pages. When writing a thesis, you are recommended to consult your professor for help. You should give a draft outline of your thesis paper to your professor before you actually present your project. The aim of such procedure is to make sure that you clearly understand the purpose of your thesis paper. Your professor will evaluate your thesis in the process of writing and give a piece of advice on how to improve it. Thesis writing usually lasts several months. There are four major parts of a thesis: introduction, evidence, conclusion and references.

Writing a thesis requires self-discipline and responsible attitude. Before starting writing a thesis paper, you need to choose a topic you want to explore. The best way to start is to look for an interesting question of research. At this stage, you are to search for an appropriate question, but not answer it. Finding an answer to your question will be the purpose of your research and writing. Working together with your professor, you should narrow the topic of your thesis to a manageable size. A topic is considered manageable if you can deal with the relevant literature sources, gather and analyze the required data and answer the key questions of your research.

Your thesis should contain a major argument or hypothesis. In the introductory part, you should state the problem or issue you would like to explore and give basic arguments about it. The main argument should be expressed in a clear language. It surely requires serious thinking so as to clearly state your views on certain problem. You should keep in mind that it is important to develop your own position and honestly evaluate it. It might take weeks and even months to develop a comprehensive argument for your thesis, but don’t forget that your professor will help you out with any problem you encounter.

Our website guarantees that you get an A grade for your thesis paper. Our experienced writers will help you to write a decent thesis on any topic you wish.

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Dissertation writing Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:27:28 +0000 Continue Reading]]> Dissertation is also known as thesis and represents scientific findings submitted in support of achieving qualification or an academic degree. Writing a dissertation is probably one of the most difficult tasks for graduate students. A dissertation is a result of hours of writing and research that summarize the achievements of a student during the whole period of education. What is more, the dissertation is related to other academic writings of a student that have been carried out during the years of education. The dissertation writing requires the use of a great number of skills and abilities as well as scientific knowledge that the student already possesses. There are several points that might come handy when writing a dissertation. Before starting writing a dissertation, you will have to think over the purpose of your future research. Try to be creative and generate as many ideas as possible. Do not eliminate the ideas you consider unnecessary as they might turn out to be useful. You are advised to write down the ideas that come to your mind as it will help you to organize your thoughts regarding future research.

An important point to remember is that you should not think that your research will become a renowned finding and draw international attention. Instead, your expectations should be realistic. Keep in mind that the whole dissertation project is first of all a learning experience. This realization will give you an excellent chance to successfully complete your research project. The next step is to prepare the proposal of your future dissertation. Before starting writing your own proposal, you are advised to have a look on someone else’s research proposals. Make sure that your proposal has a proper review of the literature used. A well-written proposal should include the first three chapters of the thesis. When you find some important articles or sections of a book that you might use for your dissertation, make a copy of them and then organize them in a logical order.

Don’t forget that your dissertation should focus on some narrow sphere of research. You are not advised to have your research cover a broad scientific area. You might think that a broadly defined project would sound better and be easier to accomplish, but it is not so. There is a great chance that a broadly defined dissertation project will be unmanageable. Once you complete your project, you will have to have something definite and specific to say to the audience.

You are welcome to order a dissertation on our website. We guarantee that you get a well-organized research project that follows all requirements to dissertation writing.

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Research paper Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:26:14 +0000 Continue Reading]]> A research paper is a result of thorough reading and examination of a specific topic. Major aim of the research paper is to develop good writing skills. If you want to become skillful and experienced in writing research papers, you should accomplish several academic papers based on certain studies covered in classroom. Every student is able to develop their writing skills. All you need is a desire to achieve your goal. Most academic courses require extended writing assignments in the form of a research paper. In order to write a well-organized research paper, you should define an area of research related to your sphere of study. You should then focus on the topic by means of some background reading. You should also clearly state a research question and look through primary and secondary sources to answer the specific question. The next step will be presenting clear arguments that should be properly cited.

An important point to remember is that writing a research paper is all about self-learning that will continue even after you graduate from college or university. It is widely known that the best way to improve the skills of life-long learning is to write research papers. The writing process makes you ask good questions and find sources in order to answer them. You will learn how to present your arguments to the audience and defend your opinion. And the acquired skills will be useful for your future profession disregarding the specialization. There are several key points that you should keep in mind when starting writing your research paper.

You are recommended to start your writing from doing general background reading in the field of your study. All you have to do is to read a few books or academic articles on certain topics. After you do background reading, you are advised to speak with your professor about some ideas or directions for the future research. You should then state a clear research question that should begin with the words “why” or “how”. These questions are essential as they make you think over the arguments. In such a way, writing a good research paper means clearly and creatively presenting your argument and evidence. Sources used in the research paper must be accurately cited. The writing style should be formal and serious. You are also required to support your general thesis with tables, graphs and illustrations.

Our website provides the best-quality research papers you can find. If you need help in writing a research paper, our specialists will do their best to satisfy your needs.

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Term paper Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:25:20 +0000 Continue Reading]]> A term paper is a kind of a research project that is carried out by students at colleges and universities. Writing a term paper requires the analysis of texts and publications on a specific topic as a part of the students’ curriculum. This kind of academic research summarizes students’ knowledge on a designated topic and provides an opportunity to share ideas and findings on certain subject. Students who are required to write a term paper are not always sure where to start their research. Some of them are experienced in writing but do not know how to improve their skills or make the term paper complete. However, each student will realize how easy it is to write a term paper if they keep a few tips in mind.

A term paper is basically a result of reading several sources on certain subject matter. The procedure of writing a term paper consists of several steps that include choosing a subject, finding materials for the research, collecting notes, making an outline of the paper, writing the first draft and editing the accomplished research. The majority of properly written academic papers are built around certain questions. You may find a subject for your research in any textbook. All you have to do is to take some part of the available text that interests you and thoroughly analyze it. You should find a specific question that you want to answer in your term paper. Ask yourself if this question tells you all you wish to learn about the subject. Keep in mind that your term paper is an attempt to give a well-structured answer to whatever question you choose, using certain amount of information.

When choosing sources or materials for your term paper, you should remember that the materials you use should not be more than 20 years old, unless you need to examine older academic materials from a historical perspective. When gathering notes for the future research, you are advised to examine books and articles and locate useful material that will be used in your term paper. You should be accurate in taking notes, not distorting the true meaning of what is written in the source. You are to gather facts, not just opinions on certain matter. Once you are done with note-taking, you should get started with writing an outline for your term paper and then proceed to writing your first draft of the research. The term paper should be based on the outline with the introductory part, the main body and summary.

If you need assistance with writing a term paper, our professional writers will help you out!

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