Essay Words You Should Use

October 10, 2011

Custom essay writing help: Essay Words You Should Use

Useful Essay Words and Phrases to Place in Your Essay.

Certain Essay Words convey perfectly what you are trying to express through your essay. In order to create a good essay you need to use words that are perfect for linking ideas and directing your readers towards the right path of reasoning. The purpose of these words is to create more emphasis, or introduce a different point of view. These words can be used in all types of essays, whether they are application essays, music essays or even poetry essays. Take a look at different words that you can incorporate in your essay writing in order to successfully link ideas according to your essay direction.

1.Words To Emphasize a Point That Has Been Made

In order to emphasize a point made previously, try using linking words like ‘moreover’, ‘furthermore’, or ‘again’. You can also use words like ‘in neither addition’, ‘either ’, ‘neither…nor’, ‘not only…but also’. Also try using phrases like ‘in the same way’, ‘it is found that’, or ‘with respect to’.

2.Essay Words Used Specially for the Purpose of Writing in Lists

For this particular purpose, words like ‘first(ly)’, ‘second(ly)’, ‘third(ly)’, are an excellent choice. Other words you could use are words like ‘another’, ‘yet another’, and ‘in addition’. You could also try using words like ‘moreover’, ‘next’, ‘to conclude’ and ‘finally’.

3.Words Used To Convey the Same Idea in an Alternate Manner

Words like ‘in other words’, ‘in that case’, ‘to put it (more) simply’, ‘in view of this’, and ‘to look at this another way’ are great words to use for this purpose.

4.Words Used to Bring in Examples

To introduce examples in your essay use words like ‘that is to say’, ‘for instance’, ‘an example of this is’, ‘as in the following examples’, ‘particularly’, ‘in particular’, ‘notably’, ‘chiefly’, ‘mainly’ and mostly.

5.Essay Words Used for the Purpose of Introducing a Different Point of View

Such words would be words like ‘by contrast’, ‘another way of viewing this is’, ‘one alternative is’, ‘another possibility is’, ‘in comparison’, ‘on the contrary’, ‘in fact’, ‘though’ and ‘although’.

6.Words Used Once Again to Emphasize the Point of View You Made Earlier

There are a number of words that you can use for this purpose. Examples of such words are ‘however’, ‘nonetheless’, ‘while x may be true’. You can also use words like ‘nonetheless’, ‘at the same time’, ‘on the other hand’, ‘all the same’, ‘even if x is true’, ‘although x may have a good point’.

7.Words Used To Show a Particular Result

For this purpose use words like ‘therefore’, ‘accordingly’, ‘as a result’, ‘so, (then,) it can be seen that the result is’, ‘ ‘we can see, then, that’, ‘for this reason’, ‘owing to x’, ‘this suggests that’, ‘it follows that in other words’, and ‘that implies’.

8.Essay Words You Should Use In order To Conclude Things

Here you can use words like ‘therefore’, ‘my conclusion is’, ‘in all’, ‘on the whole’, ‘to summarise’, ‘to sum up briefly’, and ‘thus we can see that’.

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