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How it worksFirst of all fill in the order form. Please, provide all, even minor, details about your essay. In the order form you should mention how many pages you need, how many sources, level of writing, citation style/formatting style. The quality of your essay depends on you – the more details you provide, the more accurate your custom essay will be.

Next step when you buy a custom essay is to provide all readings and additional materials if you have them. Sure, it is not obligatory to provide some materials, our writers can try to find all books, journals, articles etc. in the local and online libraries, but if you have some specific or rare materials, please provide them. You can always upload the file (or files, making them in .zip or .rar format) in the order form or you can send additional materials later to the email address.

Final step is to pay for your custom essay. On our website you can pay with paypal account or using your credit/debit cards – so you see that it is very easy to buy an essay. Do not worry about security and confidentiality – every time you buy an essay from our company all transactions are protected by Paypal security system that can give you 100% security guarantee.

After all steps have been completed you can just relax and wait for the day when you’ll get completed custom essay paper via email.

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